Your Ideal Prospect

Most sales people know the golden rule of sales:

Spend more time with better prospects

But sometimes sales people do not know how to define and, therefore, identify those better prospects. No matter the product, service or industry, there are seven qualities a better prospect has:

  1. Can and will buy – they are a person or company that can and will buy your product or service
  2. Genuine need – they have a genuine need for your product or service, or it is solving a problem they have
  3. Willing and able to act quickly – they can make and will make the buying decision soon
  4. Knows, likes or respects you – they have knowledge about you and they like what they know
  5. Perceive high value – they perceive a high value for your product or service
  6. Benefits outweigh price – they focus on the benefits of the product or service versus simply the price
  7. Lead generator – they will be an excellent source of leads and referrals

Now you know the seven qualities, we can begin in our next post to dive into questions to ask yourself to help identify and know where to find these better prospects.


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