What is Working? Do More of That!

Here in Illinois, we are about five weeks into our shelter-in-place order and we are looking at about another five, until the end of May. Things in our personal and professional life has certainly shifted and will continue to. However, it seems to be getting easier with some practice.

The question to ask yourself today is what is working and what is not working. And this can be both personally and professionally. A common area people are struggling with personally is eating too much with the stocked kitchen steps away. This, of course, is something we should either stop doing, or we need to put in more time for exercise.

But what in your business or professional life is working? Can you do more of that? Can you refine it a bit further to be even better? Right now, it is all about taking what is working, and doing more of it, and refining it to be even better.

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