Take a Break

As we head into daylight saving time in this early March weekend, coupled with near 60 degrees here in the Chicago area, it is time to think about taking a break from work. With longer days, higher temperatures and the traditional Spring Break right around the corner, it just feels like a good time to take a quick trip, or even a staycation.

We all need that reset occasionally. In fact, it has become a trend for companies to not only be more generous in their vacation day offerings, some give bonuses to employees for using their vacation days. A day or a few either by yourself, or with family and/or friends can recharge us. Being away from the office can actually give us more energy and motivation for our work, and employers are taking notice.

Spring Break is just a couple of weeks away, still time to plan a trip. At least take a couple of days off and play tourist in your own neighborhood, or start that personal project you have been putting off, or just enjoy time with family and friends.


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