Revising Your Elevator Pitch for COVID-19 and Beyond

As we have all experienced a lot of things have changed. Whether your employees are working remote, hours have changed, products or services have shrunk or expanded, many things in your business has gone through a rebirth.

Now is the time to take some time and review your elevator pitch. You have one, right? That 30 second to 1 minute introduction of you and your business. It most likely needs to be updated to reflect your business today and perhaps tomorrow (post COVID-19). Here are some things to consider

  • Updated, new or just a review of your safety procedures
  • Change to workforce being remote
  • New or removed services/products
  • Timelines (faster or slower service)

Your elevator pitch may change several times over the coming months as things change with COVID-19. Make sure to take the time and review your pitch every couple of weeks and make the necessary changes as you have with your business during this time.


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