End of Quarter One 2020: Review Plans and Goals

A lot has changed in 2020, more so than anyone planned for or even thought. In normal circumstances, as we review at the end of quarter one where we are at with our 2020 goals, if the outlook does not look like the goal will be in reach, the best action is to review and change the plan, but not the goal.

However, there might be things out of your control and even unknown at this point. It may be helpful to review the 2020 goals and see what can and should be changed. This is important for companies also experiencing an uplift in business. Maybe your goals are too low, or maybe you need to shift priorities to keep up with demand.

As we enter the end of the first quarter of 2020, take the opportunity to review your goals and make changes to both the goals and the plans. And, if you need a fresh perspective and guidance, please schedule a call with me to discuss options.


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